Think your next five years to be a straight line ?

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Speeding up today’s
innovation by
catalyzing tomorrow’s


Modern world see faster and faster reshuffling of competition.

Understanding dynamic ecosystems is key for developing sustained value propositions.

Digital Transformation now impacts Products and Services, still concerning workers, customers and processes.


Now as ever, is the nature’s inexorable imperative. It offers great opportunities, and risks if they are missed. 


Rapid evolution of technologies, usages and value chains creates opportunities.

They can be detected and seized by thinking out of the box, acting differently, reconsidering the “regular” way of doing business.

Early moves might not bring splashing results day 1, however they deserve consideration as part of the learning curve.


When short term direct business is not impacted by external evolutions, temptation is great to keep moving on as usual.

Efficiency improvements, ie specialization, are then the most innovative changes.

They don’t prepare for game changers. When what was only weak signals become obvious, bridging the gap (cost, time and talent) vs giving up might not be an option.


Growth of Innovations is exponential both in rhythm and in impact, because Ecosystems leverage them through Technology and Usage adoption.

Unfortunately, human forecasts are linear, making uncertainty and room for disruption more likely in strategic planning. Global Dynamic Ecosystems Evolution to be assessed to reduce the gap.

5 years strategic plans to be much more sensitive to Dynamic Ecosystems evolutions in the 2020’s than ever. Disruption risks and brand new business opportunities cannot be ignored, and should become a significant part of the strategy